Open And Close Your Garage Door With Your Phone

by | Apr 20, 2018

Lets face it:

We’ve all driven away from home only to come back and realize we didn’t close the door all the way. Or just completely forgot!

Maybe you do this every day and you just can’t take it anymore.

Luckily for you and me both, everyone can forget about this particular worry.

In this short article you’ll learn how to open and close your garage door with your phone!

PS: If you’d rather watch a video of this being done, scroll to the bottom of the page to watch our youtube video on this whole process.

What Does It Take To Open And Close Your Garage Door With Your Phone?

What’s required?

A garage door and wifi will probably already be something you have.

You really only need one extra attachment to make your phone work with your garage door opener.

You can order the Chamberlain smart garage hub here, or by clicking the big orange button at the top of the page!  

Downloading the MyQ app by Chamberlain is also necessary as everything depends on the app.

It’ll definitely be needed to open and close your garage door with your phone.

We purchased the part ourselves through amazon and did the entire process before writing this so we could make it as clear as could be.

The hub comes with all the instructions you need and even takes into account some people don’t have iphones.

(pshh get outa here everyone has an iphone, right??) Moving on.

Check Compatability

In order for this to work you need to have a unit made after 1993. Your garage door opener needs to have the safety sensors for this to work.

I think its safe to say the majority of you reading this will no doubt have something a little newer than 1993, but we could be wrong!

Anything older than that should be placed in a museum, burnt to a crisp or disintegrated.

Yes, Seriously.

If you’ve got an older garage door opener in general you may want to conside just purchasing an entire new garage door opener altogether.

The majority of garage door openers being sold today are already built in with wifi so the Chamberlain smart garage hub isn’t even necessary at that point.

Check this out:

We wrote up an awesome in-depth review of what we believe to be the best garage door opener of 2018.

Feel free to read our review of the Chamberlain ultra quiet belt drive with wifi.

You can check the provided chart to see if you’ve got a compatable operator.

Back to what you’re here for!

Once You Have The Part

Now that you’ve got your Chamberlain smart garage hub its time to get to work.

What you get:

In the box you’ll find an LED light / Wifi hub, a door sensor, mounting hardware, and a power adapter.

Check the wifi signal inside the garage near your garage door opener. ( see photos below )

You will want something like two bars at the least for this to work optimally.

Mount the Wifi hub on the ceiling next to your garage door opener with the LED facing the ground.

The LED light serves as an indicator for when the garage door is operated with a smartphone. If you don’t have an extra outlet to plug into, consider using a power splitter.

You can place it in a different location if you must.

Mount the garage door sensor to the top panel of your garage door.

We’ve included a photo of what it looks like and where we placed it. ( Anywhere on the top section will work just fine)

This will communicate with the hub telling it when the door is open and closed.

We used heavy duty double sided tape and it seems to be holding just fine.

Follow the provided instructions on connecting the wifi, installing the Chamberlain MyQ app, and connecting the garage door sensor to the hub.

These instructions vary from phone to phone.

Now what:

Congratulations you should now be able to open and close your garage door with a phone!

Using The MyQ App

“Is there a garage door opener app?” But of course!

The MyQ app is very easy to use once you’ve created your accounts and have it all set up.

You open the app, and push the open or close button. Simple as that!

What’s great about the app is that your phone will now tell you if the garage door is open or closed.

Not only that but how long its been open or closed!

You’ll never have to worry about your garage door again.

With the garage door remote app you are in complete control of your homes main point of entry.

You are sincerely welcome.

Why You Should Buy A Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub

So you may be wondering:

Is all of this necessary? Is it worth the money?

Yes and No.

Some people wont justify the cost of the hub, saying its too pricy.

In some cases that would apply but imagine you just bought a unit in the last couple of years. It’s still good for another 10+ years so there is no sense in replacing it with a newer unit just for the sake of the wifi.

That’s when you order the hub.

Cant afford an entire new unit? 

That’s when you order the hub.

Don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of calling out a service company and crossing your fingers, hoping you don’t get overcharged or scammed?

That’s when you order the hub.

Continue reading to see the benefits of being able to control your garage door with your phone.

Benefits Of Your (Now) Smart Garage Door Controller Subheading Image

Let’s go over the benefits you will see with your wifi garage door

1. You will know how long the door has been open or closed with your app

2. The garage door can be monitored with the app

3. You can open and close your garage door from virtually anywhere

4. Be alerted to when the door is operated without your knowledge

5. You can open and close your garage door with a phone

6. Works with Wink, IFTTT, Nest, and Google Asssistant

7. Easy wireless installation.


To conclude this article, we believe that the Chamberlain smart garage hub is worth the purchase and provides excellent value to those of us that are absent minded.

The garage door remote app is not complicated to use, and syncing everything together was about as easy as it could be.

Controlling our garage door with a smart phone has made our life just a tad bit easier in the sense that we no longer have to worry about the security of our home. ( In regards to the garage door )

Among the benefits, easy installation and well written instructions made the whole process painless and consumed a total of about 10 minutes from start to finish.

If you’re on the fence about the Chamberlain smart hub, watch our Youtube video below to help see everything in action and decide for yourself whether or not this is something you would want in your home.

Thanks for reading! Hope this article was informative / helpful. Leave a comment/share this with your friends if it did make an impact or make you think a bit. Be sure to follow us on social media by using the buttons in the footer.

Have an awesome day!

– Andrew @ Garage Door Guidance


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