Some repairs are best left to the professionals, for reasons that will be made clear to you. Certain repairs can be handled by anyone handy enough to change a spare tire, and then there are certain repairs you should never attempt. Garage door technicians usually go through months of on the job training because of the dangers involved when working with a garage door. Serious injury and/or death may occur if repairs are attempted by someone who does not work with garage doors on a daily basis. The springs carry anywhere from 75-300 pounds of force. Imagine that hitting you in the arm, leg or in some cases, face. It’s happened before and hopefully this page/list of things to avoid can save someone a trip to the hospital.

These sorts of repairs you definitely don’t want to attempt on your own. A proffessional is always recomended in these particular situations. For your sake, just call someone. Use Yelp and Angies list to get an idea of who you’re dealing with. There are a lot of companies that’ll charge you an arm and a leg to fix these issues. They know their power and will exploit your situation. Do a few minutes worth of research and save yourself some money and a probable headache.  A list of repairs you should always leave to someone with experience include:

  • Broken spring / tension loss
  • Door off trackLoose / tangled cable
  • Cable replacement
  • Bottom roller replacement
  • Bottom roller bracket replacement

Attempting these types of repairs can result in injury and death. It isn’t worth it trust us. If you need help choosing a service provider send an email with your city and state and we will do our best to set you up with a reputable company.


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