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Garage Door Left Open

    Have you got a giant sign in the front of your home inviting thieves to take what they like from your garage? This is what it feels like coming home to a garage door left open and unsecure. My name is Andrew, and I'd love to go over why this sort of thing happens...

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Painting Your Garage Door

Before You Start The ProjectA couple things to think about before or after you've painted your garage door. First off there are a couple suggestions we have for you in case you decide to change the look of your house. Painting your door can make it or break it in...

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Garage Door Won’t Close

Have you left your house to make a quick grocery shopping trip but your garage door won't close? Maybe you had to run a couple of errands and didn't think to look back at your garage door simply assuming it would close like it always has. Well now you're coming home...

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The Right Garage Door Opener For You

    Choosing The Right Garage Door Opener Has your garage door opener recently decided to give you the finger and quit working? Maybe you've just got an extremely noisy one and want to get something a little quieter. Are you searching for better features? Or does it...

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