These helpful garage door DIY guides can help you fix many common issues as well as possibly save you money! Although we might not have everything just yet, you can be sure we are working hard to add everything that may prove useful to you. Nevertheless we still may or may not have exactly what you are looking for. In such an event, feel free to send us a text/email with your request!

Garage Door DIY Videos:


Sensor adjustments:


Lubricating the door:


Re-engaging goor door to opener:

Replacing garage door hinges:

Programming remotes / keypads:

Erasing old garage door codes:

Genie pro screw drive trolley replacement:

Genie pro screw drive coupling replacement:

Adjusting power / force on genie screw drive:

Gear change on a chain drive garage door opener:

Replacing the trolley on a chain drive garage door opener:

Garage door opener lightbulb won’t come on:

Adding a slidelock to your garage door:

Circuit board replacement Chamberlain Liftmaster:

Garage door roller types and how to replace them:

How to change an RPM sensor on your garage door:

Chamberlain smart garage hub: open garage with phone

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